A Single Girl's Checklist

When I'm single, it's fair to say that I'm easy. I'll admit it. I don't give it away for free, but if you're cute with a beard, it doesn't take much. I don't expect things to come from these trysts, I just hope for another one. Well another one if the first time was good, if not, you're out. There's something about being single that turns up this primal need to satiate the beast with in me, an exploding sense of sexuality that doesn't exist if I have a reliable beard to do the job.

Although, I have to be careful because I can go from being selectively easy to being a full-fledged slut in a blink of an eye—and that's not a place I like to go often. But knowing myself and how I am when I'm single, I keep safety at the forefront of my mind. I always take the responsibility of bringing protection because you can't always trust your drunk counterpart to deliver. And then there you are, frustrated and getting the tequila spins. It's a bad combination.

However, sometimes it just gets to be too much. People want to talk about you or all of sudden this guy wants to date you and you're all like “no man, I was just here for the porking.” In times like these, I just stay home and take care of it myself; it's easier that way. Sometimes the good ole garden variety palm action is enough to get by and other times, I need to pull out the big guns. I wouldn't call myself a vibrator guru, but I certainly know what twists and turns in all the right ways, knowwhatImean? So I've compiled a list of single girl toys that I can depend on when the need calls:

First off, I like to keep it traditional and stick to the standard Rabbit. Why change a good thing? It takes care of every inch of you. Sex and the city may have talked about it years ago, but I still think it's list worthy. It hits multiple spots, turns and vibrates. Its sensory overload.

I also recommend getting a G-spot vibrator for those extra hard to reach areas. Who needs a man when you can do it yourself? The Rabbit isn't so great for hitting your G-spot, so when I wanna go all out, I go for a toy designed to do just that.

If you haven't tried Ben Wa Balls, definitely go and pick up a set. These are great for single and couple play, as well as keeping you tight and aid in making sex better in the future. You can slip these babies in and do your household chores or you can use them while you have sex (with yourself or someone else).

Finally, I always make sure I have a good bottle of lube around. Sometimes you just can't do it for yourself,even though you want to. So be sure to keep one handy to keep things running smoothly.

If you have found yourself single or more ravenous than usual, head over to Adam and Eve and pick up a few of these items. You'll be happy that you did!
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