Why do men love women?

Why do men love women?

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What have women got that men just can\'t stop going crazy over them? Is it because of love or lust? What makes those two diverge? At the early age of puberty, men feels fascinated to women. They have the penchant also to be attracted to older girls even at the age of 7. This is because older girls are a lot sexier and attractive. It looks they see their mother in older girls. Younger men feel pampered by older women. Older women tend to understand younger men more particularly in their mood. But as they grow older, men love women younger than them or at their age.

How can you actually define love or differentiate love from lust? Is it love that men felt when they spot a woman and feel something? Well I could declare that it would take time to finally conclude that what he or she feels is already that issue called love.

Love is past physical, it is something you can\'t touch. When you can forgive and forget what a person has caused you, then that is love.

Lust, on the other hand is still an feeling that is merely physical.This is linked with the feeling of craving a person sexually but oftentimes leads to Love and wanting to impart something beyond physical.

You can say you really love a person if in a longer span of time, you remain fascinated to him or her physically and later on turned into something sensitively distinctive.

Steps to draw men:

1) Fill up your love tank- love the people surrounding you, welcome their decency, love yourself. Men are more fascinated to women who illustrate that they are to be respected and valued. Friends can help particularly affectionate and wonderful friends. It will present in your well-being if you are full of love and when you are full of love, you can love others already.
2) Cook up Love - Be the master of the kitchen and attract your man through his stomach.
3) Be yourself - While men loves being pursued, most men still love to chase women. Shine in other things so he would perceive you; for example if he is a school mate then excel in the classroom. If he is a neighbor who doesn\'t even give a look, then start by giving the mother some new recipes to cook. Act as if he\'s not your goal and let him target you instead.

Men are born polygamous and they tend to glance elsewhere and this is extremely important when looking for a mate. We don\'t know for sure how to keep his attention unless of course if he really loves you that much not to consider hurting your feelings. You have to take the chance, for it might be precious in the end and anyway life is a risk you have to take and that incorporates loving someone.

Men have crabbiness too that need women to shut up so it is important to know the nature of men. Listen and don\'t nag but be sharp in studying the thin line that separates listening and enabling your partner to fool you. Solving troubles in a relationship is in the hands of a woman. It is hard for women to keep their men and keep them interested with them all the time. Keep you man enthralled with you through these steps:

1) The center of a relationship should be reliance.Faith and trust must at all times be present.

1) CREATE MOMENTS TOGETHER. Typically men do this; out of the blue men would propped a date in some passionate place just for two; a candlelight dinner, with a music in the background or may be a little bit offhand as just walking in Manila Bay at sunset, a picnic at the Park or in the Zoo, for those of smaller budget, but whatever it is what is important is that you make some moments together, because that is what life is all about.

2) Share your dreams and aspirations to your loved one. Your relationship does not consist of you alone so when it comes to your thoughts and aspirations, see if it fits with his. How close or far apart, similar or conflicting are your dreams and his dreams, then you\'ll know if you are to go on this relationship or not. Never give up a dream just to satisfy your partner\'s emotional insecurities as this will be the cause of the potential breakdown of your relationship in the end.

3) DON\'T NAG. Learn to listen to your partner\'s side and don\'t be a faultfinder. Your relationship must have trust in order to have future. Nurture and win trust instead of abusing it.

4) Be a friend first and became lovers later on. Lovers should only be second from friendship to make it continue longer.

Women fascinates men who knows how to handle themselves. Women that can encourage and comfort a man in times of sorrow.In a relationship, man should not be the only one who\'s strong. In fact, when it comes to feelings, women are stronger. That is fairly obvious. For more advices how to deal with men or women relationship visit http://women-men-love.info they sure have lots of thoughts to ascertain from.

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