How to Ask a Woman You Have Met Once Out on a Date

How to Ask a Woman You Have Met Once Out on a Date

How to Ask a Woman You Have Met Once Out on a Date

Author: Cobie
How to Ask a Woman You Have Met Once Out on a Date

Some Men Are Petrified to Approaching Women

How easy is it for you to ask a woman out on a date the first time or the second time you have met her? Some studies suggest that most men are petrified with the idea of asking a woman out the first time or even on the second time they met.

While some men are able to take women on dates after having met once, most must learn the ropes, for it is not as simple as it sounds. There is a plethora of factors to come into play in order to ask Ms. Jeanette out on a date after you have chatted with her just once. What do you say to her could be as important as how you say it. First thing first, which means you have to exchange some personal information with the woman you intend to ask out on a date. When this is done, then you can move on to the next step.

Pick Yourself Up and Go!

Let us say you met her while you were traveling by train. You were the lucky person because you sat next to her. You took the opportunity to introduce yourself, and you exchanged names, phone numbers, email addresses. An important connection was built because both of you have engaged in small talk. Because of this connection, you can move on the next step, which was to take her on date.

How you approach her and ask her is another ballgame, because if you do it wrong, the nascent relationship may fizzle away. I suggest the following technique to ask her out on a date: Say to her, in person or by telephone, "You know, I was thinking about asking you out on a date, but I am not ready yet. I certainly will ask you out when the time is right." (Say nothing else).

Let her chew on it for a minute. She might respond to you by saying, "Did you say you are not ready yet?" She might add, "May I know--why not?" If the conversation takes that road, then it is a sign that you hit the nail right on the head. She is interested in your proposal. Furthermore, you make her anxious by anticipating when in the world you would let her know. This special technique says a lot about the person you really are: confident, in control, poised, and a leader.

Build a Level of Anticipation

The more you show the woman you have just met that you are not that interested in her, the more attracted to you she may be. This is just human psychology at work. You should make proper arrangements to take her out because when you call her about it, the answer from her will be nothing short of "Yes, I am ready."

The level of anticipation in this case works like a miracle because it spurred her to think not only about your proposal to take her out but also about the kind of man you may be. Thousands of single men have been successful, using this phenomenal technique. Get yourself more dating ammunitions and know-how. To your dating success!
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