Dirty Talk Phrases Smart Women Swear By!

Dirty Talk Phrases Smart Women Swear By!

Dirty Talk Phrases Smart Women Swear By!

Author: Devian Day
Dirty talk phrases can be either cheesy or incredible sexy, depending on which dirty phrases you decide to say. When learning how to talk dirty to a man, it can be easy for a woman to find a list of "pickup line" style dirty talk phrases and instantly feel "stupid" just thinking about using them.

But talking dirty is not about saying a bunch of corny dirty talk phrases to your man and hoping that they turn him on without making you feel embarrassed of your dirty talk. Talking dirty is more about finding the right dirty talk phrases that speak directly to YOUR man and his unique sexual desires.

Start with dirty talk phrases he's familiar with already and already trigger a sexual reaction from him when they enter his ears. Any words he already associates with sex (i.e. body parts, actions, reactions, etc) are the first words you should include in your dirty talk phrases because he already interprets them sexually.

Dirty talk phrases break down into the following categories:

Dirty talk phrase 1: Questions

Asking him questions like "do you like that?" as you're pleasing him is a great first-step dirty phrase to start from. Your active attention and obvious concern for his pleasure is arousing to a man simply for the fact that, by doing so, he knows you're paying attention to him, and your "head is in the game"

Dirty talk phrase 2: Confessions

Talking dirty while being pleased comes in the form of confessing your pleasure and the extent in which he's making you feel good. Essentially, your confessions are the answers to his question of "Does she like what I'm doing?" which is in his head far before he gets the courage to ask. The same goes for saying "I want you to" and giving him direction in bed. By talking dirty with confessions, you're reassuring him of how good he is in bed so there is no doubt in his mind what-so-ever.

Dirty talk phrase 3: Commands

Learning how to talk dirty with commands is probably the most fun dirty talk phrases you will use because you basically get to boss him around at your will. Even aggressive men who like to stay in control are aroused by a woman commanding him sexually as an expression of her own selfish sexual desire. A confident women who's in control of her own sexuality has no problem commanding her lover to please her in any way she see's fit. And what most women don't realize is that men appreciate the guidance just as much as you like to see him deliver the goods.

Smart women across the globe understand that its not even the words or dirty phrases that matters, it's the context in which you use them in your dirty talk that count. Your best dirty talk phrases will come naturally once you know how to apply them in the right place, at the right time. Knowing how the dirty dialogue unfolds is your secret "cheat code" to talking dirty to your man in a way that pleases him and keeps him begging for more.

If you are a woman that wants to learn how to talk dirty to your man, but you don't know what to say, then I have a FREE crash course on talking dirty to men. It's called "Dirty Diva 101: How To Talk Dirty To Men" and it can be yours - right now - by clicking here: Learn how to talk dirty to men with Dirty Dialogue's crash course "Dirty Diva 101: How To Talk Dirty To Men" right now! Dirty Dialogue © 2009 Devian Day
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