A Single Girl's Checklist

When I'm single, it's fair to say that I'm easy. I'll admit it. I don't give it away for free, but if you're cute with a beard, it doesn't take much. I don't expect things to come from these trysts, I just hope for another one. Well another one if the first time was good, if not, you're out. There's something about being single that turns up this primal need to satiate the beast with in me, an exploding sense of sexuality that doesn't exist if I have a reliable beard to do the job. Although, ... [More]

Location Awareness in Social Apps

 Social apps really changed our life it opened up a gate to get in touch with our friends and meet new and interesting people that we wouldn't have a chance to meet in any other way. Adding to this magic is location awareness, in a glance you would think that it's just another feature in one big pile of gizmo and gadgets like adding photos or writing your status but its allot more, it actually opens a gate the a new world, your own. World and national size events and places are off course... [More]

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